Fashion is a form of self-expression which resonates with our identity, creativity and inspiration. It is akin to storytelling whereby entertaining content is delivered through words, expressions and emotions. In the past, men fashion used to revolve mainly around clothes (words) with little focus on accessories (expressions) and add-ons (emotions).

DKnight was founded on the very notion that sophistication of a modern gentleman goes beyond the clothes he wears. It is the attention to detail in his accessories that defines his passion and personality. The classy gentleman loves the ritual of adding finishing touches to his outfit every day before embracing his dynamic schedule.

Dapper represents the dashing qualities of a polished and well groomed man while the Knight symbolises the respected characteristics of bravery and chivalry. The fusion of contemporary and classic elements serves as the key guiding principle behind our product offerings.

We are a little old school about taking time and dedication to provide a selection of stylish designs and ability to personalise. We believe that a men's fashion piece needs to be subtle yet versatile, timeless yet chic and functional yet unique.

Our collection of men accessories are thoughtfully selected and designed to be the perfect companion for the discerning gentleman.