• The VISERION iPhone case is a luxurious piece of accessory that is bound to make a bold statement with its exquisite design and texture. Each case is beautifully hand-crafted by our skilled artisans using ethically-sourced genuine ostrich leather. The attention to detail and unique cut of each leather will definitely garner compliments in every single occasion. 

      1. Hand-Crafted by Artisans
      2. 100% Genuine Ostrich Leather
      3. Choice of Four Colours
      4. DKNIGHT Emblem Gold Foil Deboss
        1. Thickness : 1.0 cm
        2. Height : 13.5 cm
        3. Width : 7.0 cm
        4. Weight : 20 g
        5. Material : Ostrich Leather
        6. Casing Frame: Matte Rubber

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